Medium Pressure TurboDrop XL - TDXL

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110° Flat Fan Multi-purpose medium pressure air induction nozzle

20 - 120 psi Overall pressure range
30 - 90 psi Optimal pressure range

Estimated life (60' boom, 20" centers)
20,000 - 30,000 acres TDXL
50,000 - 80,000 acres TDCXL

Polyacetal Venturi body and SprayMax TipCap nozzle with EPDM seat gasket.

TDCXL has ceramic metering orifice in Venturi body.
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Ryan Koch - Batesville, Indiana
Crop: Wheat, Corn, Beans, Hay
Don Wiebe - Carman, Manitoba
Crop: Wheat, Soybean, Oats, Canola
Mark Crutchfield - Prince George, Virginia
Crop: Cotton, Soybean
Joe Krippner - Kimball, Minnesota
Crop: Corn, Beans, Wheat
Larry Compton - Lamar, Missouri
Crop: Soybean, Corn
Frank Stevens - Glenboro, MB, Manitoba
Crop: Canola, Cereal
Dwight Emmons - Holcomb, Missouri
Crop: Cotton, Milo
James Bingham - Trumann, Arkansas
Crop: Beans, Rice
Eddie Dahlke - Cullman, Alabama
Crop: Corn, Soybean, Wheat
Scott Everett - McCrory, Arkansas
Crop: Rice, Soybean, Wheat

The most proven multi-purpose Venturi air injection nozzle

TurboDrop® XL Medium Pressure Nozzle (TDXL)

Wide Pressure Range: TDXL 20-120psi
TDCXL 30-150psi
Wide Drift Control Range: Sizes 01-02: 20-60+ psi
Sizes 025-04: 20-80+ psi
Sizes 05-10: 20-100+ psi
Separate Injector (Venturi) Comes apart by hand, easy to clean (no tools required).
Patented Stabilization Chamber Even and uniform mixing of air with liquid which gives a tighter, more uniform droplet spectrum and a homogeneous spray solution across a wide operating range.
Excellent With Rate Controllers Wide pressure range allows greatest speed variations.
Improved Coverage, Reduced Runoff Air-filled droplets spread on the target surface rather than bouncing off.
Reduced Clogging Round metering orifice versus elliptical slit.
Interchangeable Tip / Cap Two spray nozzles in one. Other tips may also be used.
Proven TurboDrop® Technology Over 17 Years in 40 countries.
Longer Wear Life TDXL: 20-30,000 Acres
TDCXL: 60-80,000Acres
Patented Pulsation Dampener Stable, uniform spray pattern across pressure range gives good patternation and coverage.
Widest Variety of Applications Recommended for herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, fertilizers, growth regulators, etc.
More Spray on Target Dramatic reduction of off-target movement, even in higher winds.
May Lower Water Usage Both air and water are used as a carrier. (Excellent for Glyphosate at 5-10 GPA)
Approved for Bayer's Liberty herbicide TurboDrop XL and Airmix AM are the only air induction nozzles recommended by Bayer for their contact herbicides.

Greenleaf Technologies’ patented TurboDrop® technology may be the most important addition you can make to your sprayer. TurboDrop® has been proven commercially over 17 years of use in over 40 countries around the world. The TurboDrop® Nozzle can dramatically improve your application of crop protection chemicals.

The TurboDrop® XL Medium Pressure Nozzle offers a unique combination of superior drift control and excellent coverage, making it an ideal choice for all of your spraying applications.

The TurboDrop® XL Nozzle can operate between 20 and 120 psi, with an optimal pressure range of 30-90 psi. This range allows you to increase your GPA rate without changing nozzles. To reduce off target movement with pre-emerge and systemic products, 30-70 psi is recommended. To improve coverage and penetration with contact chemicals, 60-120+ psi is recommended. To be even more precise, target ASABE Coarse droplets for pre-emerge and systemic products, and medium droplets for coverage critical chemicals.

The TurboDrop® XL Venturi can also be used with other spray tips. Simply double the size of extended range, twin fan, and flood or off center nozzles. For example, the 03 Venturi uses 11006 spray tip. Remember – the Venturi controls the flow rate, and the tip creates the pattern.

The TurboDrop® Nozzle is also available in a ceramic version, the TurboDrop® TDCXL, with a ceramic metering orifice in the Venturi, enabling an extended wear life of 50-80,000 acres. Both TurboDrop® XL and the TDCXL have been proven to outlast stainless steel tips. TurboDrop XL Nozzles are available in sizes 01 through 10, and are ISO color coded for easy identification.