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Why Use Something Different Than the Traditional Extended Range Flat-Fan Nozzle?

If you were still spraying with a tractor-mounted sprayer going one speed like 30 years ago an extended range flat fan would be fine. But these days with self-propelled sprayers travelling at wider ranges of speed and pressures, you need a nozzle with wider operating range. Wider operating range of pressure, translating pressure into canopy penetration, giving you the coverage you want with the drift control you need.

The History of the Greenleaf Technologies Nozzle Lineup

The first TurboDrop was introduced in 1995 as a modular design that provides drift control and penetration with more coverage into dense canopies. Three years later, the TurboDrop XL nozzle was introduced, expanding pressure range and making a higher velocity droplet to penetrate the canopy. With the increase in popularity of RoundUp use in the late '90s, air induction nozzles became the attractive option due to reducing drift and remain the top choice for both drift control and excellent coverage.

What is a TurboDrop DualFan Nozzle and How is it Different?

In 2011, the TurboDrop Asymetric DualFan nozzle was introduced delivering two spray patterns to increase backside coverage. Flow is still metered with the TurboDrop Venturi body, but now coverage is increased with two spray pattern angles--10 degrees forward and a flatter 50 degrees backward. When these nozzles are installed with every other nozzle alternating facing front and back of the boom, a total of four spray pattern angles is created, enhancing coverage further without increasing drift.

How to Choose the Right Sized Nozzle for Your Application

What size nozzle are you currently using and what pressure? This question gives us the starting point of where to recommend the best nozzle size for your application. A uniform medium to coarse droplet size is achieved by reaching the best operating pressure range so you can speed up or slow down. The next question is if drift control is more important or coverage more important? If it's drift control, coarse droplet size is targeted. If it's coverage, a medium droplet size is targeted. The right size nozzle will deliver the results you want.

How is Greenleaf TurboDrop Different?

One of the things that sets TurboDrop apart is the two-piece modular design. The tip cap can be used separately as a conventional flat fan nozzle. With the Venturi body, you get the air-induction benefit. The TurboDrop was designed for coverage and penetration with a contact chemical in mind by targeting a medium to coarse droplet size spectrum. TurboDrop is used across the board for many applications by just changing the pressure to suit the application.

Greenleaf AirMix Nozzles

A low-pressure nozzle, the AirMix operates in a more conventional pressure range and functions as an entry-level air-injection nozzle. If you're not changing speed or pressure often, the AirMix is a great solution as it operates best at a more narrow pressure range. The AirMix has seen a rise in popularity in Western Canada for the type of spraying they do where low gallon per acre spray applications are common.

Three Types of Greenleaf Spray Nozzles

Greenleaf Technologies features three primary series of nozzles: AirMix, TurboDrop XL, and TurboDrop Asymmetric DualFan. The low pressure AirMix is great for applications where pressures don't change a lot. It's very inexpensive and drops into a standard cap. Delivers excellent drift control. The TurboDrop XL is probably one of the most popular air-induction nozzles on the market for self-propelled sprayers. With the wide range of operating pressures, drift control applications are achieved at low pressures, higher pressures deliver coverage and penetration for contact chemicals. The TurboDrop Asymmetric DualFan was developed with coverage enhancement in mind. The two different angles from the dual fan design can provide four total angles if alternated on the boom. This creates a spray 'canopy' that improves penetration. This nozzle has tremendous versatility and is being used season to season for a variety of applications.