Colorant Applications

Asymmetric DualFan Nozzles for Colorants, Dyes and Pigments

65% of golf courses use colorants or dyes to enhance the appearance of the turf and to provide earlier growth response. Spraying pigments is a less expensive alternative to over-seeding with ryegrass and the water, growth regulators, and other treatments that ryegrass requires.

Fully dormant grass requires a higher rate of colorant (and carrier) to provide the desired effect. If colorants are applied before the turf goes completely dormant, lower rates may be used.

TurboDrop DualFans (TDAD), AirMix DualFans (AMDF), and SprayMax DualFans (DW) have all been used successfully to apply “paint” to turf grass. These nozzles can be alternated on the boom to maximize coverage of the leaf surface, effectively spraying the target four times in one pass. Medium to Coarse droplets will deliver an effective combination of coverage and drift control.

Colorants Tabulation Chart

In the photos below, a golf course in Macon, Georgia used Greenleaf's DW16 nozzles in a totally dormant situation. The nozzles were alternated on the boom. A higher paint and carrier rate was utilized--10gpa of paint with 90 gpa of water per acre. Another course reports using their standard sprayer nozzle, the TDAD06, at 35 gpa (water with colorant) at 5 mph. This course uses this nozzle for most of his applications.