SoftDrop for PWM Systems - SD

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Designed to create extremely coarse droplets in combination with PWM systems.

SoftDrop - SD

Ultra course and extremely coarse droplets without air injection, perfect for all PWM systems
Very high drift reduction
Uses innovative pre-chamber creating ultra course and extremely coarse droplets
Integrated Cap and nozzle design
Nozzles are ISO color coded
Very good cross distribution
Perfect for liquid fertilizer and mixtures of liquid fertilizer and systemic herbicides

Today most nozzles use Venturi technology to create larger droplets. However, venturi nozzles often produce poor pattern and cross distribution in combination with PWM systems. Especially when using smaller nozzle sizes it is extremely difficult to get extremely coarse and ultra course droplets on PWM systems. The innovative SoftDrop nozzles were designed to overcome this. A specially designed asymmetric chamber creates turbulence producing a spray pre-pattern with ultra coarse and extremely coarse droplets, without air injection, preventing small droplets. The SoftDrop is also excellent for liquid fertilizers and mixtures of liquid fertilizers and systemic herbicides.

The SD110-10 SoftDrop Nozzle from Greenleaf Technologies is the only size 10 PWM nozzle approved for use with Engenia® herbicide that connects directly to a standard nozzle body, no adapter needed. The SD110-10 is approved for a broad operating range, from 20-60PSI.

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