Variable Rate TurboDrop - TDVR/TWVR

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TurboDrop® Variable Rate Nozzle
Multi-purpose medium pressure air injection variable rate nozzle, designed to provide a wider flow range for variable rate applications, wide speed changes and rate changes. Between 40 and 140 psi, a 3X flow rate change is possible.

Modular two-piece design.

Pressure Range: 40-140 psi
Recommended Boom Height: 18-36” (on 20” centers)
Materials of Construction: Polyacetal, EPDM, Stainless steel
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Jason West - Springfield, Ontario
Crop: Corn, Burndown, Soybean, Alfalfa, Winter Wheat

Covers a range of speeds and nozzle sizes.

TurboDrop® Variable Rate Nozzle (TDVR/TWVR)

3x flow rate at constant speed Covers the range of 2-3 TDXL nozzle sizes
3x speed range at consistent GPA rate Covers a wider range of speeds
Flow Tolerance +- 10-15% Flow control (vs pressure control) systems will be more accurate{*}

Each TurboDrop® Variable Rate nozzle will cover the range of two to three standard TurboDrop® nozzle sizes. The flow rate increases more rapidly with an increase in pressure, making Variable Rate nozzles useful in covering wider speed ranges or providing on-the-go variable rate application. As with all ag spray nozzles, it is important to match droplet size to the application type. The DualFan Variable Rate will provide a smaller droplet size spectrum compared to the single fan version, as well as deliver dual spray coverage.