Variable Rate TurboDrop - TDVR/TWVR

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Pressure Range: 40-140 psi

Recommended Boom Height: TDVR: 18-36” TWVR 15-25"(on 20” centers)

Materials of Construction: Polyacetal, EPDM, Stainless steel
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Jason West - Springfield, Ontario
Crop: Corn, Burndown, Soybean, Alfalfa, Winter Wheat

Covers a range of speeds and nozzle sizes.

TurboDrop® Variable Rate and TurboDrop® Variable Rate DualFan Nozzles

Each TurboDrop® Variable Rate nozzle will cover the range of two to three standard TurboDrop® nozzle sizes. The flow rate increases more rapidly with an increase in pressure, making Variable Rate nozzles useful in covering wider speed ranges or providing on-the-go variable rate application. The wider flow rate range provided by the TurboDrop® Variable rate technology can be an option for those wanting more flexibility than conventionally sized nozzles without the complexities of a broadcast PWM system. As with all ag spray nozzles, it is important to match droplet size to the application type.

The DualFan Variable Rate will provide a smaller droplet size spectrum compared to the single fan version, as well as deliver dual spray coverage. To maximize coverage with the TWVR nozzles, alternate them on the boom to deliver four angles of spray orientation to the target.

  • Three times flow rate at constant speed (variable rate applications)
  • Three times speed range at constant GPA rate (variable speed applications)
  • Flow tolerance: ± 5%
  • Flow control (vs. pressure control) systems will be more accurate

“I use it for all my post emerge spraying, that’s 80% of my yearly work. One nozzle not only replaced 4 others, but it also replaced my old twin fans I used for fungicides/insecticides. That’s 5 nozzles with the potential of more.”

-Jason West, custom applicator in Springfield, ON; using TurboDrop Variable Rate DualFan nozzles (TWVR03).