Auxin Herbicides (2,4-D and Dicamba)

Greenleaf Technologies Approved Nozzles for New Auxin Formulations The list of approved nozzles for the new dicamba and 2,4-D herbicide formulations continues to grow. As of April 1st , 2022, the following nozzles have been added to the labels of the chemicals listed. Please consult the online chemical labels within seven days of spraying, to make sure of what is allowed. Labels are subject to change.

Online labels


For questions about using Greenleaf Tech nozzles with auxin formulations, please contact us at 1-800-881-4832.

Enlist Duo (Corteva)Max Pressure
AVI 11002580 psi
AVI 1100370 psi
AVI 1100470 psi
AVI 1100565 psi
AVI 1100660 psi
AM1100335 psi
AM1100435 psi
AM1100535 psi
AM1100635 psi
TDXL1100340 psi
TDXL1100445 psi
TDXL1100565 psi
TDXL1100675 psi
TDXL11002-D65 psi
TDXL110025-D70 psi
TDXL11003-D90 psi
TDXL11004-D90 psi
TDXL11006-D100 psi
TDXL11008-D80 psi
TADF02545 psi
TADF0340 psi
TADF0450 psi
TADF0560 psi
TADF0660 psi
TADF0860 psi
SD11004100 psi
SD11005100 psi
SD11006100 psi
SD11008100 psi
SD11010100 psi

XtendiMax (Bayer)Max Pressure
AVI-UC 11002570 psi
AVI-UC 1100380 psi
AVI-UC 1100470 psi
AVI-UC 1100560 psi
TDXL11003-D40 psi
TDXL11004-D50 psi
TDXL11005-D60 psi
TDXL11006-D60 psi
TADF03-D40 psi
TADF06-D50 psi

Engenia (BASF)Max Pressure
AVI-UC 11002580 psi
AVI-UC 1100380 psi
AVI-UC 1100480 psi
AVI-UC 1100580 psi
TDXL11003-D50 psi
TDXL11004-D70 psi
TDXL11005-D70 psi
TDXL11006-D60 psi
SD1101060 psi

Enlist One (Corteva)Max Pressure
AVI 11002560 psi
AVI 1100380 psi
AVI 1100490 psi
AVI 1100590 psi
AVI 1100690 psi
AM1100330 psi
AM1100435 psi
AM1100540 psi
AM1100635 psi
TDXL1100380 psi
TDXL1100480 psi
TDXL1100585 psi
TDXL1100690 psi
TDXL1100890 psi
TDXL11002-D90 psi
TDXL110025-D80 psi
TDXL11003-D70 psi
TDXL11004-D90 psi
TDXL11006-D90 psi
TDXL11008-D100 psi
TADF0860 psi
TADF025-D90 psi
TADF03-D90 psi
TADF04-D90 psi
TADF05-D90 psi
TADF06-D90 psi
SD1100490 psi
SD1100585 psi
SD1100640 psi
SD1100880 psi
SD1101080 psi

Tavium (Syngenta)Max Pressure
AVI-UC 1100380 psi
AVI-UC 1100480 psi
AVI-UC 1100580 psi
AVI-UC 11002580 psi
TDXL1100450 psi
TDXL1100560 psi
TDXL1100660 psi
TDXL-D1100360 psi
TDXL-D1100460 psi
TADF-D0360 psi
TADF-D0460 psi
TADF-D0560 psi
TADF-D0660 psi
SD1100870 psi
SD1101090 psi