Test Data

AirMix™ Efficacy vs. Common Nozzles (XR and TT)
“These data also suggest the new AirMix Venturi nozzle was more effective than the XR or Turbo TeeJet nozzles in maintaining glyphosate efficacy over varying treatment conditions.”
Greenleaf Technologies’ AirMix nozzles prove themselves once again in a side-by-side comparison. Reduced drift with exceptional coverage--that’s why AirMix nozzles continue to be trusted by more and more people for their agriculture applications. Check out this test data and see for yourself why you should be using Greenleaf Technologies’ AirMix nozzles too!
Round-Up Ultra Max Efficacy
See how Greenleaf Technologies’ Turbodrop nozzles stack up to our competitors in a real-world application test. Better coverage with reduced drift. It’s proven again and again how Turbodrop nozzles raise the bar in every category you demand. You’ll be ready to make the switch to Turbodrop too when you see for yourself all the benefits every application brings.
Coverage and Drift Produced by Air-Induction and Conventional Hydraulic Nozzles Used for Orchard Applications
“These results should encourage farm managers to evaluate the suitability of low-drift, air induction nozzles in their pest management programs...”
Greenleaf Technologies’ Turbodrop nozzles use a Venturi design to ensure droplets are optimized to both reduce drift and increase coverage. In this test you’ll see that yet again Turbodrop meets and even exceeds the demands of agriculture professionals nationwide.
Reducing Round-Up Drift
"The air-induction nozzles each have two orifices... In the body of the nozzle, air mixes with liquid, and the resulting spray is low pressure with large, air-filled droplets less prone to drift."
Drift can be controlled in a variety of ways. Here we see the proven impact a Venturi air-injection nozzle like AirMix from Greenleaf Technologies makes. Even while operating at higher pressures than the competition, AirMix reduced drift while improving coverage.
The Impact of Herbicide Mode of Action on Low-Drift Spray Effectiveness
"New Venturi nozzle technologies that dramatically reduce spray drift were introduced into Canada in 1997. These nozzles incorporate air into the spray pattern and reduce drift by up to 95%."
Spray drift control is the number one concern for pesticide application. Tests confirm the use of Venturi nozzle technology is effective in the reduction of spray drift.
Canola Agronomic Research Program
"Greenleaf TurboDrop TD11002 and TD110015 are Venturi nozzles which emit a "very coarse" spray, even at higher pressures. This spray is noted for its extreme drift resistance..."

Venturi nozzle technology is rapidly being adopted as a means of improving deposition of sprays under windy conditions. Based on one year's data, these results suggest that Venturi nozzle technology is appropriate for use with foliar fungicides for sclerotinia control in canola, provided pressures are adjusted to optimize nozzle performance.
Drop Size Study
"The TurboDrop® stood out in terms of producing large droplets," Womac says. "They produced big drops with operating pressures from 40 to 100psi."
This three nozzle comparison shows the TurboDrop nozzle is superior in delivering the large droplets applications need to provide the optimum chemical efficacy. Small droplets--which are predominantly prone to drift--are significantly reduced.
Drift Control Study
In field plot work, weed scientist James Hanks saw a 90-95% reduction in drift with TurboDrop® spraying Roundup Ultra, with no loss of efficacy. With TurboDrop®, the increase in small droplets is much more gradual. At 70psi TurboDrop® has fewer driftable fines than other nozzles have at 20psi.
Coverage Study
TurboDrop® allows spraying at higher speeds for more coverage with the use of less water, much less drift. In the following study, a smaller TurboDrop® nozzle at higher pressure (to give equal flow), gave the best coverage. As travel speeds increase, and GPA rates decrease, the difference between TurboDrop® and conventional nozzles is even more pronounced.
Effectiveness of Turbodrop® and Turbo TeeJet® Nozzles in Drift Reduction
"The low-drift TD nozzles produced fewer downwind deposits than TT nozzles when operated at similar flow rates and pressures."
Controlling drift can be a huge challenge. Adding TurboDrop nozzles is proven to reduce that challenge. This comprehensive study compares and contrasts the effectiveness of two nozzles in reducing spray drift.