Boomless Air Injected Dual - Boom85TD and Boom40TD

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Boomless Air Injection Nozzles - Boom85TD and Boom40TD

The Boom85TD is a pair of air injected boomless nozzles designed to be used where a boom would be impractical, such as spraying pasture or other rough ground. The TurboDrop injector improves the overall patternation of the boomless nozzle, as well as dramatically reducing spray drift.

The Boom85TD is becoming popular for fertilizer applications on golf courses because it reduces the time needed to get the job done, compared to a boom sprayer. The air injection provided by the Venturi reduces off target movement and improves the spray pattern distributions, compared to conventional boomless nozzles.
The boomless nozzle isn't anything new but when Redox worked with Greenleaf Technologies to develop an air inducted boomless nozzle to apply their product, they hit a home run. The air inducted Venturi which precedes the nozzle is what makes this work so well.
 - David Phipps, GCSAA Northwest Region
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Mount nozzles at 36-48" height, with enough overlap between the nozzles to prevent streaking. Spray swath may change with changes in pressure (16' was achieved at 40 psi).