Why TurboDrop®?


The TurboDrop nozzle was developed over 17 years ago to improve coverage, reduce runoff, and maximize efficiency with plant protection materials. Its combination of excellent drift control and uniform spray coverage make it the perfect choice for the myriad of spray applications on the golf course.

Nozzle Options for Turf

Nozzle selection can be critical when it comes to getting maximum efficacy from expensive application products. Most golf course sprayers come with either extended range flat fan nozzles or wide angle flood nozzles.

The extended range nozzle, while providing uniform spray distribution, creates a relatively fine, drift-prone spray droplet spectrum. The flooding style nozzle delivers a coarser droplet, but pattern uniformity is compromised.

The TurboDrop Venturi nozzle combines the drift control of a coarse spray (like the flood nozzle) with the uniform spray distribution of a flat fan nozzle. As a result, the TurboDrop nozzle may be used in more adverse operating conditions and still deliver on-target performance.

The droplet spectrum is not overly coarse or too fine, and the air-filled droplets have proven to be effective for both contact and systemic chemicals. Most golf courses using the TurboDrop nozzle use it for every single application on the fairways, greens, and rough.

How TurboDrop® Works

TurboDrop nozzles use Bernoulli’s principle to create a low pressure area which pulls air into the nozzle where it is mixed with the liquid stream to create larger air-filled droplets. The metering orifice determines the flow rate and thus the size of the nozzle. The exit orifice determines the spray pattern of the nozzle.

Most spray nozzles have a single orifice that controls both the flow rate and the pattern. Therefore when the nozzle begins to wear, both the flow rate and pattern are affected negatively.

With the TurboDrop the initial metering orifice takes most of the pressure, protecting the life of the pattern orifice to provide extended pattern uniformity and prevent striping, which can be a major issue on golf course greens.

The TurboDrop utilizes a large mixing chamber and a patented pulsation dampener to produce a more uniform spray droplet spectrum made up of air-energized droplets. The air inclusion is important in that it changes the physics of the spray droplet. Air-filled droplets tend to spread out or collapse on the leaf surface rather than just running off, like big, solid-liquid droplets do. Additionally, having air-filled droplets means that there are more droplets in the spray to hit the intended target.