Features and Benefits of TurboDrop®

Greenleaf nozzles have been proven for over 17 years in the widest variety of golf course applications. Superintendents do not need a different nozzle for every type of application.

TurboDrop Asymmetrical DualFan nozzles maximize on-target performance. Even the best chemistry requires accurate placement. DualFan nozzles minimize drift and provide “two-sided” coverage for maximum chemical efficacy.

TurboDrop Asymmetrical DualFan nozzles help prevent striping. The asymmetric pattern allows for greater variability in boom height, while maintaining uniform spray distribution across the total spray swath.

Greenleaf nozzles eliminate the need for costly drift control additives that can alter the performance of the chemicals being applied.

Greenleaf nozzles widen the spraying window. Applicators can get the job done more quickly, spraying faster, spraying in a wider variety of conditions and often spraying with less water.

Greenleaf nozzles produce air-energized droplets. The air expands inside the droplets, accelerating them toward the target. The droplets expand on contact with the leaf surface. Air-filled droplets mean there are more droplets to hit the target.

TurboDrop Asymmetrical DualFan nozzles provide a more consistent, effective droplet size. The droplets are not as coarse as with flood nozzles and are not as fine as with extended range flat fan or conventional twin nozzles. The droplet size is more uniform, providing more useful droplets with fewer ineffective (wasted) droplets.