Greenleaf Technologies To Distribute Albuz Ceramic Nozzles in North America

Greenleaf Technologies To Distribute Albuz Ceramic Nozzles in North America

COVINGTON, LA – Greenleaf Technologies today announced it has been named the exclusive North American distributor in the United States and distributor in Canada for the full line of Albuz ceramic spray nozzles. Headquartered in Evreuz, France, Albuz is the worldwide leader in ceramic spray nozzles for agricultural applications.

“We’re very proud to be named the exclusive distributor for Albuz ceramic spray nozzles in the U.S. and a distributor Canada,” noted Will Smart, owner of Greenleaf Technologies. “Albuz has been manufacturing and marketing ceramic spray nozzles for more than 40 years, and their products are used by millions of farmers across 45 countries. Now, farmers in North America will have easier access to these premium quality products.”

Albuz ceramic nozzles are made from a specific pink ceramic grade which is as hard as a diamond. Their wear resistance is far greater than that of stainless steel, brass or plastics. “Albuz nozzles exhibit exceptional resistance to wear, abrasion and chemicals,” added Smart. “In addition, they deliver outstanding spray quality and excellent flow rate precision, qualities that are essential in today’s age of precision agriculture.”

For current information on the full line of products offered by Greenleaf Technologies, please call 1-800-881-4832.

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