Beluga HoseDrop Spraying System

Beluga HoseDrop
Part Number BHD17036 36" HoseDrop
Part Number BHD17072 72" HoseDrop
  • 36" or 72" HoseDrop with Beluga spray head and hose end plug installed
  • Mounting bracket and hardware included
Anvil Nozzle HoseDrop
Part Number BHD17118 with 01 Anvil
Part Number BHD17119 with 02 Anvil
Part Number BHD17120 with 04 Anvil
  • 36" HoseDrop with Anvil spray head installed
  • Mounting bracket and hardware included
Beluga Spray Head
Part Number BHD16717
  • Spray tip adapter slides for 8mm, 11mm, or round (BHD16815, BHD16816, BHD16817) must be ordered separately
  • Spray Nozzles must be ordered separately
  • Maximum of three Beluga Spray Heads per HoseDrop
8mm Slide Kit
Part Number BHD16815
  • Includes two slides and two gaskets for use with Beluga Spray Head
11m Slide Kit
Part Number BHD16816
  • Includes two slides and two gaskets for use with Beluga Spray Head
Round Slide Kit
Part Number BHD16817
  • Includes two slides and two gaskets for use with Beluga Spray Head
Blank Slide Kit
Part Number BHD16818
  • Includes two slides and two gaskets for use with Beluga Spray Head
Drilling Template
Part Number BHD17139
45° Spray Head
Part Number BHD17209
45° Spray Head Blank Cap
Part Number BHD16817
Mounting Bracket
Part Number BHD16716
Stainless Pipe Plug
Part Number BHD17081

The Beluga HoseDrop is a customizable spraying system designed to spray between rows and inside the crop canopy. It combines lightweight flexible hosedrops with a unique low-profile nozzle body to be used in applications such as fertilizer sidedress, herbicide banding, or subcanopy crop spraying.

The mounting brackets can be attached anywhere on the spray boom, allowing any drop spacing to be set up by the user, regardless of the nozzle body spacing on the boom. The HoseDrop then hooks onto the mounting bracket, and the hose connects to the nearest nozzle body. Multiple Beluga spray heads may be positioned on the HoseDrop (up to four spray heads total per drop) and can be attached at any height on the drop. Each Beluga spray head holds two standard size spray nozzles, and can be set up with AirMix, SMP, or other tips from Greenleaf Technologies. Beluga spray heads are engineered with a check valve to keep nozzles from dripping when not pressurized. Optional blank slides can be used in the spray head to block off flow to one or both sides of the hosedrop as needed.

The Beluga HoseDrop is available in 36" and 72" lengths. (The 72" drop tube can be cut to any desired length.) The mounting bracket, hardware and stainless pipe plug are included. Up to four Beluga spray heads may be installed per drop. Beluga spray heads, slides and nozzles should be ordered separately.

The Anvil Nozzle HoseDrop with 45° spray head for under crop spraying comes in a length of 36" and includes a bottom mounted 45° spray head fully assembled with an anvil nozzle in either 01, 02, or 04 size. An optional blank cap can be used to shut off flow to the 45° spray head as needed. The mounting bracket and hardware are included. The Anvil Nozzle HoseDrop can be customized by adding up to three Beluga spray heads per drop. Blank slides for the spray heads and anvil nozzle allow the HoseDrop to be used for a variety of applications by blocking the appropriate tips.

Beluga Drop Hoses in Corn - a study by

"The rapid return on investment and ease-of-use of the Beluga drop hose system make it an excellent candidate for fungicide and insecticide applications in corn."

This article from Sprayers 101 covers the installation and configuration of the Beluga HoseDrop system. Results show reduced disease in the canopy, which lead to better yields verses overhead spraying as well as the control.